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Snorkel Bahamas

The Snorkel Bahamas Adventure takes you to an undersea extravaganza of living coral and marine life. In just minutes you will be swimming with colorful fish in the shallows of our reefs, Hollywood movie sets, or mysterious sunken shipwrecks. The second stop may be a snorkel over sharks calmly below.


Our first stop is a beautiful shallow reef. At these sites, typically the bottom is at 10-25 feet. We choose the exact site at the time of the trip based on any specific requests from you, our guest, and the weather conditions. Our goal is to find you the calmest water with the most marine life each day. Typical Shallow Reefs For Snorkeling: Nari Nari – Sculpture Garden Little Elvis Goulding Cay School House The next location you will visit is either a different shallow reef or one of our shallow shipwrecks. The location chosen is the one that will provide you the best overall experience for the given conditions that day. We have dozens wrecks to choose from, and conditions depending, we often will snorkel on or near a wreck. If the weather permits, we will stop at a 3rd location to allow you to experience an incredible thrill – snorkeling with Caribbean Reef Sharks. Don’t worry…. it sounds scarier than it really is. The location we visit is one where shark feeding takes place with scuba divers. When you visit as a snorkeler – a bait box is lowered on a rope to a depth of 40 feet. That box creates a scent trail that will attract the animals to the area. However, because the scent is at depth – the sharks stay close to the bottom. We then enter the water snorkeling and stay on the surface observing these magnificent creatures in their natural environment from above. Be sure to bring a towel with you from your hotel or cruise ship. You may also want to bring some pocket money. Our boutique offers a variety of snacks and beverages.

Included Equipment • Mask • Fins • Snorkel • Snorkel Vest Complimentary Transfers • Transportation to and from your hotel

Excludes: Wetsuit ($12 rental), snacks, other beverages besides water, and tips to crew.

Requirements & Restrictions

Note: Children under the age of 4 are not permitted on the boats

Adult Price: $94

Children's Price: $54

Observer Price: $63

Observer Children's Price: $52

Morning Activity Schedule
Activity start time: 09:30:00
Activity end time: 12:30:00
Cable Beach hotel departure time: 08:30:00
Cable Beach hotel return time: 13:30:00
Paradise Island hotel departure time: 08:00:00
Paradise Island hotel return time: 14:00:00
Afternoon Activity Schedule
Activity start time: 13:30:00
Activity end time: 16:30:00
Cable Beach hotel departure time: 12:30:00
Cable Beach hotel return time: 17:30:00
Paradise Island hotel departure time: 12:00:00
Paradise Island hotel return time: 18:00:00
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